We are proud of the strong connections that we have built with our industry partners to translate research into outcomes.


Systems for advanced battery manufacturing

Specialising in automation and robotics, Sensorplex has partnered with Deakin to co-develop a highly-specialised robotic stacker to enable the testing and development of longer lasting batteries using new materials and components.


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Barwon Water

Reinventing sodium batteries

In collaboration with Barwon Water, we have been exploring using biosolids (a by-product of the wastewater treatment process) to create biochar that can be used in sodium batteries. Biochar is rich in carbon, enabling the creation of batteries to be used in mobile phones and computers. By harnessing wastewater by-products, we are not only sourcing battery materials in an ethically and sustainable manner but are also demonstrating the circular economy in action.

Li-S Energy

Higher density batteries for aviation

A start-up originating within Deakin, and now a successful ASX-listed company, Li-S Energy is building on our expertise to develop next generation higher-density lithium sulphur batteries for heavy EVs, long-range drones, and eAviation.


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