We have the unique capability to prototype and manufacture bespoke and advanced battery types at scale. We can make up to an A5 size pouch battery cell, with a capacity of up to 30 Ah.

In our dry room for pilot battery production, we can maintain the moisture level of the room (i.e. the dew point) below –40 °C. This enables electrode coating of moisture-sensitive materials and ensures the high quality of our coated electrodes.

We have a range of mixers to make slurries with a volume of up to 2 L per batch.

A roll-to-roll coater with three ovens allows us to perform both continuous and intermittent coating of slurries to manufacture the electrodes with the desired coating width, length and patterns.

Electrode rolls after coating are vacuum dried and compressed through a roll-to-roll calendering machine.

For pouch cell assembly, electrode rolls are cut into rectangular shapes using either a sheet cutter or a high-throughput roll-to-sheet cutter, and the cut electrode sheets are transferred to a glove box.

In the glove box, we have the sophisticated robotic Z stacker that automatically places cathodes, separators and anodes in an expertly-aligned pile.

Those stacked layers are enclosed in the pouch materials with tabs (for electrical connection) and inside the pouch (=voids in the stacked layers) is filled with electrolyte solutions. After this step, cells are fully sealed and transferred to testing spaces.

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