Deakin University’s Battery Research and Innovation Hub is a world-class facility for battery design, fabrication and testing, situated close to Deakin University’s Burwood campus in Melbourne, Australia.

Building on the success of BatTRI-Hub, which opened in 2016, our new specialised facility, was developed with $10.9 million in co-funding by the Victorian Government and Deakin and extends our research, manufacturing and testing capabilities.

The facility includes a dedicated research innovation laboratory for new battery design and development, prototyping and a cell and systems test facility for multiple battery types and sizes.

Based within the Institute for Frontier Materials, our expert interdisciplinary team of over 70 researchers specialise in battery design and development; testing and characterisation; pilot-scale battery manufacturing and, the commercialisation of battery storage technologies.

We welcome new partnerships by providing access to our facility and team, either through joint research projects or service agreements. We connect research to industry through:

  • Supporting, servicing, and generating start-ups and manufacturers of advanced battery materials and custom batteries.
  • Translating Australian battery technology from proof-of-concept, prototype to production level battery storage products.
  • Providing education and training to battery experts.
  • Enhancing post-secondary training and education, including production and process engineering training for an emerging energy storage economy.
  • Service provision and consultancy.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) generation.

Our team of battery technology and electrochemical research experts is led by Professors Maria Forsyth and Patrick Howlett.

Our team

Professor Patrick Howlett

Research Director
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Professor Maria Forsyth

Associate Research Director
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A/Professor Robert Kerr

Associate Research Director
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Dr Timothy Khoo

Managing Director
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