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Connecting research with industry to support the production of next generation batteries and battery components.

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Facilities & Capabilities


Our multi-disciplinary research team seek to advance existing battery technologies but also focus on next-gen and sustainable alternatives.


We have the unique capability to prototype and manufacture bespoke and advanced battery types at scale.


We undertake electrochemical testing of commercial batteries as well as design and discover new battery advances.


Our facility includes a research innovation laboratory for battery design and development, prototyping and a cell and systems test facility.
Latest News

Tour and showcase of the Battery Research and Innovation Hub

At a showcase event, Deakin’s Vice-Chancellor, industry and research partners, and local government representatives took a tour of the new $10.3 million Battery Research and Innovation Hub in Burwood. The facility extends Deakin’s battery research, manufacturing and testing capabilities, enabling our researchers to lead the way in building Australia’s sovereign battery manufacturing capability. The event

Deakin opens world-class battery research and innovation hub

MEDIA RELEASE Deakin University today launched a $10.3 million world-class facility for advanced battery design, fabrication and testing, located in Burwood. The Battery Research and Innovation Hub will enable the delivery of next-generation solid-state lithium-ion cells, as well as alternative and upcoming technologies such as sodium batteries. The new purpose-built facility, featuring a pilot production

IFM paves new path for next-generation polymer-based battery design

MEDIA RELEASE A breakthrough from Deakin University researchers could help address a major obstacle in the development of environmentally-friendly, cost effective, polymer-based batteries. The team from Deakin’s Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) used computer modelling and simulations to design a new type of solid-state polymer electrolyte, showing its potential use in various types of polymer-based solid-state

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